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We Now Have a New Bishop!

Pope Francis Appoints Bishop Joseph Dabrowski as Bishop of Charlottetown..

Bishop-designate Dabrowski was until now the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of London and he succeeds Bishop Richard Grecco who retired after serving the diocese from 2009 to 2021.

Bishop Dabrowski will be installed at a ceremony at St. Dunstan’s Basilica on a date to be confirmed soon. Following his installation he will have the responsibility to shepherd the Catholic residents of Prince Edward Island and its 50 parishes.

From Bishop Designate Joseph Dabrowski

“I am honoured and humbled that the Holy Father has entrusted to my care the Church in the Diocese of Charlottetown, and I am grateful for it. I accepted this appointment with trust that God will provide for me the necessary graces. I look forward to meeting the priests and people of the Diocese of Charlottetown, shepherding them, and working with them in furthering the mission of the Church there. In the spirit of synodality promoted by Pope Francis, we can express our confidence that Jesus will accompany us ‘together on the road.’ Additionally, I want to thank Bishop Ronald Fabbro, with whom I have worked so closely in the last eight years as his Auxiliary Bishop. He has been a true friend, teaching me so much about the life and work of bishops. His mentoring has prepared me for this moment as I take on my new responsibilities. The people of the Diocese of London have made me feel at home from the time I first stepped off the plane to begin my priestly ministry here in 1991. I will always have a special place in my heart for all of you, priests, deacons, Religious and lay faithful. It has been a great blessing and an honour to serve in this diocese all these years.”

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