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Bible In A Year, Is a year long podcast that we read and study the bible from cover to cover! 
For anyone who's been trying to find the motivation to read the whole bible. Then here is your sign, with the brilliant help of Father Mike Schmitz, Featuring Jeff Cavins.
You will dive deep into the whole meaning of the entirety of the bible. 

Each Podcast Episode is 20 to 25 minutes long. In which you will receive two to three scripture readings, a reflection on the scriptures, and a guided prayer to help you hear Gods voice in His Word.
Interested?? Where To find This Podcast???
Well for 1. Hallow App, 2. Spotify,
3. Google Podcasts, 4.YouTube, 5. Apple Podcasts, 6. Amazon Music.
And I'm sure there's more podcasting sites with BIY playing...

They also have a Facebook group in case you need other fellow Catholics to talk with, and study with. Here is that

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